Luminary Mastermind

The womb-led mastermind that combines feminine wisdom & business strategy 

Begins June 1

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Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling deeply supported and nourished in your business. You don't have to reach for your computer to "get a head start" because everything is already running seamlessly.

The more you lean into your natural rhythm and what feels good for you, the more your business flourishes.

You are able to deeply enrich the lives of more and more woman and scale your business without any push or hustle.

Your default is a calm, regulated nervous system and deep, fulfilling pleasure-filled work. 

You are supported, thriving, and absolutely radiant in every aspect of your life. Because when your business is thriving, it ripples out into everything you do. 

For the woman desiring to scale her business in a way that honors her natural cycles, her pleasure and her unique way of creating in the world... welcome to Luminary Mastermind

Luminary [noun] : a person who inspires or influences others, especially in their area of expertise; a leading light.

You have BIG magic to share in this lifetime. 

You know your magic, you know the potency of your work... AND you know there is more. You know you are meant to impact more lives, unlock the next level of wealth with ease and share your voice and your work in the world in a BIG way.

To create the impact that you are called to bring into the world, with ease, pleasure & the financial abundance that allows you to be of even greater service.

In Luminary Mastermind we create the most grounded, nourishing space for your work in the world to flourish. So that you feel supported- financially, emotionally and physically- allowing you to share your gifts and magic at the next level of what you know is possible

Your womb is the key to ALL that you desire to create.

Leading from the womb is a different way to lead a business. To create from this place, to trust in this part of you so deeply… it creates an unwavering, steady, calm within self that the world can't help but magnetize to

Your business (and therefore life) is about to get magically, wildly even better.

The Luminary Tools:

  • Womb-led: following the wisdom of your body & your natural cycles— your body knows how to create and birth, it is a sacred process that we are remembering on a deep, energetic level.
  • Cosmic insight: your astrology chart is a powerful tool and guide map in your business. It holds the blueprint for your unique cycles and is something we will come back to again and again.
  • Clear strategy: A solid structure and strategy is foundational for your business to run seamlessly. We make sure all the pieces are in place, in the simplest, most effective way so that your business runs smoothly. 
I'm ready!

The creative process is a birthing process.

From the inception point, to the growth, to labor and then nurturing your offers and your business, it is a process. 

If you were birthing a human baby you would most likely want a midwife and doula with you at your birth, to support you, guide you, and ultimately remind you that you are a powerful, wise woman, whose body knows how to birth, knows how to create.

Your business is no different. You can do it alone, but it is so much easier when you are deeply supported. 

This is what I'm here for, to hold the vision for your work in the world with so much Love and make the process of bringing that vision to reality so much easier than it would have been on your own.

What you'll receive inside Luminary Mastermind: 

  • 6 months of high level support in your business
  • 3 Mastermind calls per month with 1-1 coaching:
    • 1x Strategy Mastermind call per month
    • 1x Embodiment Support call per month
    • 1x Astrology Lab call per month
  • A private group chat in WhatsApp for hands-on support between calls & community connection 
  • (1) 90 minute private session with Alexis for a deep dive into the energetics & structure of your business plus a look at your 6-month astrology guide map 

No matter what arises in your business, you will be so supported.

 The investment:

Pay In Full: $6k 

Payment Plan: $1,095 monthly x 6 months

Begins June 1, 2023

Luminary is a rolling mastermind container, meaning the doors will open at the start of each month, depending on how many seats are filled. It felt so important to follow this structure, knowing how the feminine creates and because we are each on our own unique timeline with our own unique cycles.

If you are feeling the call now, know that the price will be increasing after June 1.

It is a deep YES in my body!

Areas we get to explore: 

✔️ Creating & birthing the most soul aligned offers— the ones that light a fire in your soul

✔️ Removing the pressure of timelines by honoring your natural cycles of creation

✔️ Creating consistent income so that you can be of the highest service for your work in the world 

✔️ Hiring a team that you have full trust & support in

✔️ Setting boundaries from an embodied place in your business 

✔️ Alchemizing the most challenging moments in your business to pleasure 

✔️ And so much more. This is the gift of the feminine... the ability to move with and hold whatever arises!


Welcome! I'm Alexis...

As a former pharmacist turned Mystic, I believe in doing things a little differently. I love the practical, tangible and analytical world... when it's combined with the intuitive, mystical and creative world beyond the logical mind. 

Through Astrology, Feminine Embodiment & Womb Wisdom I support women and guide them back to the most powerful creative energy they each hold— within. 

Walking the path of the feminine is a wild one, but it also holds the most pleasure, the most abundance and the most freedom to be fully YOU. 


Goddess, it's time to shine even brighter!

Welcome to your next level of radiance.

Let's Begin